tan preparation

 Refrain from using deodorants, make-up, perfumes, lotions, or any other products that act as a barrier and inhibit the solution from absorbing to your skin, thus preventing the development of your tan.


Shave wherever you typically shave with a new razor before you exfoliate for your session. *Do not use a razor with a moisture strip.



Please try to avoid coming in with excessive sweat. We have a facility to wash off make-up if needed, but please come early to do so.

Exfoliation removes excess oils and dead skin cells to prepare skin to absorb a sunless tan. Use a water-based exfoliator or shower gel, exfoliating mitt, and scrub with loofah or washcloth. If you already have a sunless tan on your skin, please remove it completely prior to your session.


If you have had a recent sunburn and are experiencing any peeling, wait until you are no longer peeling before spray tanning. Getting a spray tan while you’re peeling may result in a splotchy unpleasant tan.​




DO NOT USE ANY OILS or LOTION after your shower.

Sunkissed by Bethany's policy requires that both Men & Women wear an appropriate undergarment for your session.  Underwear, swimsuits, & shorts are all considered appropriate attire.  Please contact us with any questions.