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Updated: Apr 29

My name is Bethany, and I'm the face behind the spray tan gun giving you your flawless, airbrushed tan. Welcome to The Blog!

The Basics.

My tanning solution is always custom mixed to give you the glow that fits best with your natural skin tone. These custom solutions are always organically derived, cruelty free, vegan, non-GMO, and made in the U.S. You will never leave my salon with splotchy or orange tans.

Sunkissed Confidence.

I used to be a regular at the tanning beds. When I realized how harmful and damaging the effects of the UV rays were to my skin, I gave them up, but I still wanted the same beautiful golden sunkissed tan. When I started Sunkissed by Bethany in 2015, I had no idea it would become what it is today. I meet amazing women and get to help them become their most confident selves.

All bodies are welcome and celebrated at Sunkissed by Bethany. The environment in our salon will always be welcoming, promoting confidence in your own beauty. As women, we are under a magnifying glass, and a lot of times we put ourselves there. Comparing yourself to other women, who you “used to be” before having kids. Maybe you’ve had some health issues, and medication has caused you to gain some extra weight. I understand these feelings and how easy it is to self-destruct and tear ourselves apart. Whatever your worry is, leave it at the door. When you enter Sunkissed by Bethany's luxury spray tan salon, all judgments are left behind, only focusing on the beauty of being a woman.

My goal is to help you achieve golden, sunkissed confidence, whether you're getting ready for a wedding, a dance, a date, or just everyday life. Are you ready to book an appointment?

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