meet bethany

I started Sunkissed By Bethany to provide women with a unique, and one-of-a-kind spray tan experience.  I gave up tanning in tanning beds several years ago and wanted to find a way to have that same beautiful golden sunkissed tan, without the harmful and damaging effects of UV Rays.


I love that this business allows me to help build women's confidence through the art of spray tanning. I offer a luxury customer experience and pay close attention to details to ensure that my clients will never walk away looking splotchy or orange. I offer a body-positive environment. All body types are welcome and celebrated. Never any judgment. Just beautiful, sunkissed confidence.

When I started Sunkissed by Bethany years ago, I never dreamt it would become what it is today.  I get to work with the most amazing women.  I get to help women feel their most confident selves.  Whether it's their wedding day, prom, date night with their hubby, or a simple confidence booster to help them feel like their best selves.